How do I begin? The first word that comes to my mind is wow! When I look at the hand of God in the book meeting last night, I am left again feeling astonished at His love for us. He brings His children together to learn from one another, but the beauty of it all is realizing that all the knowledge and the newly obtained wisdom is all from Him. He has imparted these gifts upon every woman that was present in the book meeting last night. Coming together, we learned, we laughed, yes, we fellowshipped and there was absolutely nothing boring about it. I must applaud Touré Roberts on allowing the Holy Spirt to use him to write this book. It is filled with wisdom, knowledge and I tell you we all walked away with a better understanding of who we are, and that is just from dissecting the first chapter.


I plan to pod cast our next book meeting to share with you all what we will be discussing and if any of you out there would like to participate, you will be able to do so through this blog page. I implore you all to get this book, it is vitally important to truly know who we are in this hour, but most importantly, Whose we are. I am looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say and what I can take away from this reading on this journey with you all. Those of you who decide to get this book and go on this journey with us, I encourage you to prayerfully read it; I do humbly believe it will help you on becoming all that our Father has purposed you to be. Amen!


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