I grew up in a large family.  There are six of us total, five girls and one boy.  That one brother of mine is the eldest and I just so happen to be the youngest of the lot.  I am so used to the noise…  The noise has always been what is familiar to me.  With six children under one roof, there was always something going on.  I cannot even imagine when my mother had a quiet moment to herself, I guess when she slept.  But then I believe she loved being a mother more than anything else, like she was created for that purpose.  I and my siblings were indeed blessed.  But back to the noise…

The things that are familiar, I believe can also become a form of bondage.  We become so accustomed to always having someone around, and when we find ourselves in a situation that we must face alone, it almost makes you feel empty if that makes any sense.  Yes, kind of like a shell, existing and the noise around you is not the noise that you crave.  You know the familiar sound of the voices of those you love.  But in that moment of briefly feeling empty you realize that every situation has a message in it.  You just must pay attention to the details.  In this moment of briefly feeling empty, I realized that God would allow you to be in a place of discomfort, and place that of unfamiliarity, a place where there is no noise and realize that He is truly the only one you can depend on. 

We are surrounded by noise full of emptiness, but in that emptiness, there exist a love that surpasses anything any mere human form can ever fulfill.  In that moment lying in a hospital bed, I hear Him say, I will not leave you…  In that moment I hear Him say fear not….  In that moment I hear him say, I love you.  In that moment I hear Him say, all is well.  In that moment, I knew without a shadow of a doubt, that if all the familiar noises were to leave me, I would be ok.  For all it ever really was, was just noise, but then you hear that Voice; that voice that magnifies itself beyond all that which was familiar, and you realize, lying in that bed, I was never alone. 

We can get so caught up in people, that we often forget that even they pass away, even they are temporary.  But God, He is everlasting.  His loves endure time, flaws, shortcomings and yes even sin.  He is that comforter that holds your hand when no one else shows up.  When you realize you may never be good enough for many, you will always be loved by the One.  So, when He allows you to be in a place where you feel you are all alone, know that He is with you, He loves you and will never ever leave you alone in your time of need.  This my dear friends are the God that we serve, nothing or no one could ever compare.

I love He, that first loved me, for His love is love everlasting…


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