Smile in spite of…

I have always been a person that many would probably consider overly sensitive…I have had some call me petty and even turn their back on me…And there was a time that I would actually let those actions of others bring me down.  I felt well if I can be kind to you and treat you with respect, or be careful to execute what we call “constructive criticism” in a way without using harsh words, why can’t I get the same treatment from people?  This is a thought that would play over in my mind every time I would go through these experiences.  And I would always come to the same conclusion…People are who they are, you cannot change anyone, you can only pray for them to see the error of their ways.  “Never let another person’s error, cause you to error” is what I would tell myself.

I would even tell myself, I’m not dealing with this person or that person any more, but I would then find myself right back there still being a friend in spite of their treatment of me.  I actually used to wonder why was I made this way…I would forgive, always forgive “in spite of”.  Well now that I am older and yes, wiser; I realize that God had made me this way for a reason… Learning a scripture in the bible “But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.”  (Matthew 6:15); I was then like; wow…God thank you for giving me a heart that forgives easily…

We cannot control how other people choose to behave; we can only control how we ourselves behave.  So instead of examining the way other people treat you, “in spite of” how cruel they may be…  Pray for them and move on…You are somebody…Smile…and just make sure their error does become your error…  Life is a gift and I choose to wear it with a smile!

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